Seafarer’s Service

Seafarers’ Service provides crew members with a variety of services and support.

Seafarers’ Service in Stockholm provides crew members the following services:

• Telephone
• Internet
• Shuttle service from the port
• Cafeteria
• Sport (at Kaknäs Seamen’s Center)
• A familiar living room away from home

The service to crew members is provided by three different organisations, each with its own location. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We all wish you welcome to Stockholm!

Katarina Seamens Club – Close to Stadsgården and Skeppsbron
Glasbruksgatan 2
Tel: +46-8-640 94 96

Kaknäs Seamens Center (SPORTCENTER) – Close to the Frihamnen (the Free Port) and Värtahamnen
Kaknäsvägen 30
Tel: +46-8-663 24 21

Seamen’s Mission – Situated by Frihamnen / Värtahamnen
Frihamnen, Hus N
Tel: +46-8-556 943 30