The Board and its organisation

The board of the foundation is appointed according to an agreement approved by the parties when formulating the statutes. These are the Local Government Councillor of Stockholm, the SEKO Seafarers, The Swedish Ship Officer´s Association (SSOA), the Merchant Marine Officers´ Association and the Foundation for the Seamen’s Home of Stockholm

Permanent members

Personal members

Appointed by the City of Stockholm
Bengt Sandberg
Fredrik Wallner
Anders Engström
Hans Larsson
Members appointed by SEKO Seafarers
Kenny Reinhold Peter Skoglund
Members appointed by the Swedish Ship Officer´s Association
Marie Halvdanson Christer Lindvall
Members appointed by Merchant Marine Officer´s Association
Christer Themnér Mikael Huss
Members of the Foundation of
the Stockholm Seamen´s Home
Hans Laidwa
Thore Hansson
Per Högberg
Sven-Gösta Holst
Veine Samuelsson
Niklas Loden

The Chairman of the Board

The Chairman of the Board, appointed by Board itself, is Mr Barry Andersson, former vice president of the Local Government Councillor of Stockholm. The deputy Chairman of the board is the Managing director of the Merchant Marine Officers´ Association, Mr Christer Themnér.


The Auditors appointed by the local government Councillor of Stockholm are Mia Sydow Mölleby with Mr Stefan Kindborg as her substitute.

Authorized auditor is Nicklas Boström – EY, Jeff Erici – EY

Management work

For the routine management work answers an executive secretary, Annika Lindahl, responsible for the overall approach and direction of the work of the Foundation. Special expertise and counsel staff hired as needed.

Social commitments

An important part of the Foundations´s work is to run the Katarina Seamen´s  Club. This way, the Foundation lives up to its social commitments, laid down in the statutes. Responsible for the Club´s activities is.

Seamen´s hotel

By co-operating with the Seamen´s hotel, where Scandic Hotels is in charge of the operation, the Foundation is fulfilling its task of providing hotel rooms for seamen. And it can still pursue its own policy when providing rooms for seamen.