Accommodations for seafarers – Sweden

A Discount for seamen is available at the Seafarers’ hotels in Stockholm and Oskarshamn as well as at the privately owned Ibis hotel in Malmo and a few other hotels in Gothenburg.


The Seafarers’ Hotel Scandic

Katarinavägen 26

Call +46-8-17 349 80 for bookings between 8 am–4.30 pm.

The room rate for seamen at work or on vacation is from 300 SEK per night for a single room and from 500 SEK for a double room.
Seamen seeking employment pay 100 SEK per night.


The Seafarers’ Hotel


Phone +46-(0)491-143 40
Seamen are given a discount for 25 per cent on regular prices.


The Foundation for the Gothenburg Seafarers’ Hotel has no hotels of its own. Following this, the foundation has an arrangement for seamen with six regular hotels in Gothenburg. Visiting seamen may pick up coupons for a discount at their respective union offices in Gothenburg or at the Culture and Leisure Centre of the Merchant Marine (HKF) at Rosenhill.

The discount is deducted from the regular room price of 400 SEK per night for a single/double room. The discount is available for any visiting seamen, regardless of the purpose of their stay.

Spar Hotel Majorna

Karl Johansgatan 66–70

Phone +46-(0)31-42 00 20

Spar Hotel Gårda

N. Kustbanegatan 15–17

Phone +46-(0)31-80 15 00

Hotell Royal

Drottninggatan 67

Phone +46-(0)31-700 11 70

Liseberg Heden

Sten Sturegatan

Phone +46-(0)31-20 02 80